Carpet Styles & Colors



Cut pile is created when the loops that result from weaving are cut to the same height and allowed to slightly tuft, giving the carpet a dense, soft appearance. Cut pile carpet represents the largest share of the residential market and comes in four primary subcategories:

saxonySaxony – Saxony (or plush) is what probably comes to mind when you think of carpet — all those thousands of perfectly even, solid colored strands of fiber standing at attention like a freshly cut lawn. This is the stuff that’s thick and soft and shows footprints and vacuum lines. You probably had it “wall to wall” when you were growing up.



textured-saxonyTextured Saxony – If you don’t require that freshly mown look to your carpet, then Textured is the way to go. Because it’s twisted differently than Saxony and steamed to create a permanent curl, this product is called trackless as you will see less foot traffic and reduces light reflectivity so it won’t show footprints. Textured carpet is more casual than plush and it will show far less wear and tear than other styles. Some Textured Saxony are Multi-Colored some are solid Colors



FriezeFrieze – (also known as a short shag) This cut pile offers a tighter “twist” than the Textured style. The yarn actually curls over, creating a very durable and elegant product that hides footprints and vacuum lines.




cableCable – Constructed of thicker. longer yarns than its cut pile companions, Cable is beautiful, comfortable and very luxurious.




LOOP PILE – Berber

loop-carpetLoop pile is how all carpet actually begin — uncut. Commonly known as commercial carpet or berbers, loop pile carpets can be either smooth, consistent surface or high and low loops giving the carpet a more textured appearance. The multi-color comes from combining different colored fibers together which helps hid traffic patterns and soling. Made from yarns that are looped into the backing, this popular style is perfect for high traffic areas of the home and can be found in many commercial settings.

CUT & LOOP / Patterned Carpets

cut-loopThe combination of cut pile and loop pile provides for some interesting patterns that result from the variation in surface textures. Also known as “sculptured carpets”, or “cut and uncut“, this popular style is great at disguising foot traffic and wear and offers a variety of surface finishes.

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