Carpet Court provides you with the best independent source of information on different Design and Flooring Products. Looking over all the different selections of different products available today, you have so many choices and it can be confusing. Our desire is to aid you with the selection process by providing direct information and style choices. We are based in Cottage Grove, Minnesota (MN) and are known in the US as a leader of design and innovation.

Carpet Court believes in doing the right thing.

When it comes to the environment, Carpet Court truly believes that they can change the way our entire industry does business simply by leading the way. Some of the products that we feature are designed to reduce waste and last longer so less products end up in the land fill.

Carpet Court was founded in 1972

We are Family-owned and operate under the same mission and values set forth by its founders: to lead the industry with innovation that will help the earth.  In 1972  we started a little floor covering company in St. Paul, MN and operated under the values of hard work, honest dealing, family and community. Over the years we have built a solid reputation and thus the company grew and expanded into a corporation that is known for it’s marketing of countertops, cabinetry, carpeting, hardwood, laminate, porcelain tile and commercial floor coverings.

In the 1980 & 90’s, We became one of first retail showrooms to be computerized. We introduced several landmark products, such as: Stain-Proof Carpet, Pet-Proof Carpet, Carpet made from recycled plastic pop bottles and more. These products are now setting the standard for most high quality carpeting.   In the current century, We continued to offer the latest in new product innovations like Avaire Porcelain, SnapCeramic, SnapStone, Edge “Click Ceramic Tiles”, CornCarpet: Carpet made from CORN, SileStone Counter Tops as well as the most efficient means of displaying colors and styles to assist you in your decorating.

Today, we continue to promote high quality flooring products with outstanding style and design. Most homeowners purchase new flooring about every seven years. Thus, a lot of the floors you will see today didn’t even exist a few years ago. Our hope is that this source of information can make this process easier.

Residential Home Projects

Our decorating and design staff are trained professionals for all of your home design needs. We are able to help you nationwide with your purchases. We carry most major brands and are extremely competitive with our pricing. Our installation staff, are expertly trained in their specific fields. Installation is only for our local coverage area.

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Carpet Court USA Internet Sales: http://www.carpetcourt.com
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Carpet Court of Australia: http://www.carpetcourt.com.au/
Carpet Court of New Zealand: http://www.carpetcourt.co.nz/

Address: 8601 W. Point Douglas Rd S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Hours: Mon-Wed 10-5 / Thurs-Fr 10-6 / Sat 1-4

Phone: (651) 774-3321


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